Photo – Zaur Najafbayov

Last weekend my friends, former TV Host Gunel Musavi, blogger Zaur Necefbeyov, Nargiz and I were invited to the Fashion Show of talented designer NadiaT – Nadiya Tazieva. The show was all about net and prints. It was interesting to see how versatile the material was, the show showcased net dresses, skirt and tops. It also featured some terrific prints and pastel colors. I should say some pieces were eccentric at some point. Florals, functional knits these are all trends we’ve seen again and again throughout the Fashion Weeks this season. In my opinion net and floral prints make it a wearable, trendy and comfortable collection for young and delicate ladies. Even though I don’t consider myself this young I spotted some favorite pieces for myself from this collection.

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Overview….

Me & Tanju Babacan

Hello ladies, with a little bit of delay though I am posting my overview on Istanbul Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week events. First of all I’d like to mention those who managed to organize such a tremendous and fascinating event. There is no doubt that this project was able to get this much of success only with the hard work of the real deal professionals. Everything was organized skillful. Of course every successful story has it’s own ups and downs and so this fashion week didn’t go without a snag. So here is the story, every guest had a desire to attend fashion designer Hakan Akkay’s fashion show. All tickets were sold out to his defile, but when the day and the time of his show finally came all of a sudden half of the guests were standing at the hall with the tickets in their hand and with no chance to get to the show. Among those people were famous figures. The truth is they sold more tickets then there were actual available seats and this caused frustration and disappointment among guests. Nevertheless, let’s get into the main subject.

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MBFW Day 3

Photo – Nargiz Zeynalova

Dress – Guess By Marciano

Shoes – Mariam Gvasalia

Bag – Victor & Rolf

Trench – Bottega Veneta

Sunglasses – Chanel

With a little bit of delay I finally got a chance to share with you my Day 3 of Istanbul Mercedes Benz Fashion Week experience. I feel kind of tired on day 3 even though I still enjoy being around. I’m happy to be a part of this event representing my country as the first fashion blogger from Azerbaijan. It gives me incredible feeling of honor.

To all fashionistas out there I wish you to be among the guests on of the Fashion Week events. From now on I deeply hope to greet you from New York, London, Paris, Milan Fashion Weeks in the nearest future. Until then my dears!

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 2

Photo – Nargiz Zeynalova
Shirt – New Look
Short – H&M
Shoes – Mariam Gvasalia
Trench – HOKUMA By Hokuma Haciyeva
Bag – Olimpia Le Tan

Here is Fashion Week Day 2. It went pretty well. I met a lot of interesting people and mesmerizing show didn’t give me a chance to feel bored. I hope in the future Azerbaijan will be able to host this Fashion Weeks in Baku. As for now you can take a look at my today’s look.

Dəb Həftəsinin ikinci günü də baş tutdu. Maraqlı qonaqlar, göz qamaşdıran shoular darıxmağa qoymur. Gələcəkdə bizim ölkəmizdə də belə dəb həftənin keçirilməsi diləyi ilə… Buyurun, Dəb Həfətsinin 2ci günündə geyindiklərimi sizə təqdim edirəm.

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 1….

Photo – Nargiz Zeynalova

Shirt – Joseph
Jeans – Rag & Bone

Coat – HOKUMA By Hokuma Haciyeva

Shoes – Jabotter

Bag – Olympia Le Tan

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is finally begun! I am very grateful to be here. When I first begin my fashion blogger carrier I had an intention to participate in every Fashion Week event. So here I’m in Istanbul at the beginning of my journey. Hopefully next year I will be able to participate in every Fashion Week in Europe. During this fashion week I will be wearing some pieces from talented Azerbaijani fashion designer Hokuma Haciyeva.

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“Greetings from Istanbul & Shopping Tips”

Photo – Nara
Shirt – Zara
Skirt – Zadig & Voltair
Shoes –  Tara Jarmon
Bag – LV
Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Today I’m not going to brag about my shopping haul but simply greet you from Istanbul. It is obvious that I’m here for shopping and I want to share with you some of my favorite sopping spots in the city. I would rather make a snap shots of the restaurants and stores for you, but as soon as I arrived here I dived into shopping spree, sorry if I made you disappointed this time. Istanbul is a great place for shopping to all Azerbaijani shopaholics. It’s not too far from us, as we all know Azerbaijan & Turkey are brother countries. Prices here are way lower compare to Azerbaijan and the variety of goodies are endless. You may even recognize some streets in the pictures. I’m sure you all know Nishantasti, it’s one of my favorite shopping streets. I always feel satisfied with Nishantasti either it for dining or for shopping. Most of all I love all those small local designers boutiques. But let’s not forget about Akasya, Alchin Zorlu & AVM these are also great places for dining and shopping. Luckily the weather this week was gorgeous which gave me double enjoyment. Even though Istanbul is magnificent and beautiful there is always one thing that makes me sad and it’s huge queues over the stores, feels like people in Istanbul spend their entire life waiting in queue. However Turkish people patiently wait in the queues as opposed to Azerbaijani people never have that patient and respect to others in this case. As you can see, my today’s outfit does not have anything extra ordinary. It’s simple and comfy! Why being distracted by uncomfortable outfit during the shopping, right? P.S. my handbag is not designed for shopping, but it’s a good way to hide all of the shopping bags. By the way, I have good news for you: My next post will be dedicated to my journey in Istanbul Mercedes Fashion Week!

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Photo – Zaur Najafbayov

Sweatshirt – Pull&Bear (29azn)

Culottes – Mango (49azn)

Shoes – Jabotter (50azn)

Clutch – Zadig&Voltair (on sale 82azn)

Keds – Primark (7azn)

Watches – Fossil

People often ask me, which style is my favorite? My answer for now is – Boyfriend style. It’s indeed comfortable and stylish. Depending on occasion just choose appropriate shoes and rock your style. I personally always carry tennis shoes in my car, to avoid torturing my feet when I’m done rocking my heels.

For the past two years Sweatshirts are living their golden time. It has been the favorite among most fashionistas of the Fashion World. Some of them prefer to wear oversized sweatshirt to make it look more stylish and unique. As a fashion blogger I want to let you know that long shorts which lay down the knees are going to be in trend for the next a few seasons. Well, my fashionable ladies, fashion doesn’t mean discomfort. It can get very comfy and stylish from time to time. It’s the end of my today’s post, here you can find some links that may take you to more luxury brands, but does it worth the effort and that much money?

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Last week the most famous fashion designers of Azerbaijan introduced their brand new collection at the “Baku Fashion Night” event, which was held in one of the prominent hotels of the city. Zumrud Mirzaliyeva, Hokuma Khaciyeva, Gunel Behbutova and special guest from Ukraine Svetlana Dminriyenko literally became the stars of the night. To be honest this time I was not among the guests, but I was happy to collaborate with Hokuma Khaciyeva on the backstage. When Hokuma began working as a designer I was deeply interested in her growing business from the day one and last week I was proud to be the part of her team. Trust me, being on the backstage is not as easy as it might look at first, it’s extremely hard duty and takes a lot of responsibilities. However as soon as show is on and later on when you hear cheering applauses of the guests these all takes away all the stress and leave you with high satisfaction.

Dear Khokuma, thank you for believing in me.

Keçən həftə Baku Fashion Gecəsi çərçivəsində, şəhərimizdə otellərin birində ölkəmizin gənc dizaynerlərinin geyim kolleksiyaları təqdim olunmuşdur. Zümrüd Mirzəliyeva, Hökümə Hacıyeva və Günel Behbudova, o cümlədən Ukrainadan gələn gənc dizayner Svetlana Dmitriyenko gecənin ulduzları oldu. Mən özəl olaraq bu dəfə qonaq qismində deyil, səhnə arxasında (backstage) iştirakçı olmaqdan xüsusi zövq aldım. İlk günlərdən gənc dizayner və dostum Hökümə Hacıyevanın yaradıcılığı ilə maraqlanıram və səhnə arxasında bu işin içində olmaq məni çox gürurlandırır. Sizə deyimki səhnə arxasında olan insanların işi göründüyü qədər rahat iş deyil, həqiqətən də çox məsulliyətli və yorucudur. Ancaq təqdimat başlayanda və gələn qonaqıarın alqışlarını eşidər eşitməz həqiqətən bütün yorğunluğu unudursan.

Mənə güvəndiyin üçün çox sagol Hökumə!