Photo – Zaur Najafbayov

Dress & Cardigan – Essential

All available at Grandezza

Boots& Bag – mine

As you may already know in most of my posts I mention Grandezza as a good store to shop. So today I want to mention Grandezza one more time because this weeek they have great SALE going on! All items are 70% off! Isn’t that amazing? You don’t want to miss this sale out, hurry up! At the time I was there people were shopping like crazy, most of the items were gone, so don’t waste your time and get there asap. Sale also includes lingerie, which I personally loved. When it comes to my today’s look you can get all what I’m wearing and even more at the Grandezza store. Hurry up!

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First things first. Let’s be clear on what concealer is. A concealer or color corrector is a type of cosmetic that is used to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes visible on the skin. It is similar to foundation, but thicker and used to hide different pigments by blending the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone. Using a concealer that is one or two shades lighter is enough to neutralize dark areas without attracting unwanted attention to the area by making it look too light. How to choose the right concealer? It should be one or maximum two times lighter than your skin otherwise there is a big chance it would look like you have little patches of concealer dotted over your face. There are tremendous varieties and alternatives to the most expensive concealers on the shelves. So, you get an option to choose the one that works best for your skin and your finances. Remember to try concealer first on your palm to match it with you under eye skin tone. I personally never skip concealer when I do my make up and use it under or over foundation because concealer works best with foundation. Here are some concealers that I have been using many years.

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Today I am sharing updates on my health routine. I wanted to share it long time ago.

It’s been more then ten years since the big toe on my foot was giving me hard time. If for someone a pedicure spa is a pleasure and relaxing time well for me it was an absolute torture. Every minute of pedicure treatment was given me pain. I was told to switch my pedicure lady and at last I did it. However this switch was no help, the pain in my toe got even worse. One day my blister was so bad that it began suppurating, unluckily at that time I was attending Istanbul Fashion Week (now you’d understand why I had suffering face expression on those pictures). So exactly then I decided to do what it takes to heal my toe. If it wasn’t for my friend it would end up really bad as I was thinking to extract my toe’s nail (this is how bad it hurt). So my friend referred me to the new pedicure lady and I used her help as my last chance to healing. To my surprise this lady became my lifesaver. No need to say that I spent 10 years of my life with tons of pain for nothing. The clue actually was easy as piece of cake. It was so easy to get rid of the rough skin and blister for her. So she recommended me the ointment, which was lifesaver even though I was pretty skeptical in the beginning. I witnessed how Fluid ointment relieved me from pain day by day. Of course the pedicure done by the lady played one of the major roles as she cut my toe nail very gentle without getting deep into my skin. Here is how you should use the Fluid ointment. Use the ointment every morning and night around damaged area (exactly around the blister area) and leave to air-dry to give it a time to completely absorb into the skin. Do not wear socks! It took only two weeks to heal my toe. The blister dries up and fell on its own leaving your skin extra soft. The fluid is sold only at the German pharmacies in Baku however I’m sure you can order them online. It’s not very expensive so you probably would be able to afford it. I highly recommend this ointment to everyone who is suffering from blisters. You can turn you pedicure torture into pleasure time. Of course pedicure lady plays major role here and has to find the best way to cut your nail and prevent it from getting into your toes skin. Remember, you should be very precise with timing by using it every morning and night. If you will follow exact direction then you will get rid of any blister within a month. I wish I would know about this treatment earlier and I wouldn’t have to live in pain for so many years.

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