Photo – Zaur Najafbayov

Sweater – Marc O’polo

Jeans – Joop

Fur cape – Unfleur

Bag – Capoverso

Shoes – River Island (mine)

All items available at Grandezza

I don’t usually wear fur coats in a daily basis, however this particular colorful faux fur cape is a great choice for a casual look. It looks light yet will warm you up during cold winter days. To give the look sort of casual look I paired it with blue jeans. Don’t forget that when opting for clothes always choose one main piece the rest simply should complete the look. What do you think about this look, is the fur coat the star of it?

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Photo – Zaur Najafbayov

Sweatshirt – Avtandil

Skirt – Plein Sud

Coat – Paul&Joe Sister
Boots – Walter Steiger

Bag – Renato Angi

All items available at Grandezza

Winter can give you the challenge of set choices. To avoid frustration it’s good to have 1-2 key pieces in your wardrobe. For instance this Walter Steiger boots. As soon as I saw them I felt in love with these. This type of boots can be worn on a sunny winter day even without tights. You can always wear these boots with a short skirt, jeans or medium dress. Today was a cold day, so I decided to wear them with a short skirt and tights. I opted for this sweater with stones embellishment to add some colours to the look and it turned out very stylish.

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Photo – Zaur Najafbaov

Shirt – Venti

Jean- 7ForAllMankind (Josefina)

Clutch – Essential

Coat – French Connection
Shoes – Tara Jarmon (mine)
All items available at Grandezza

It’s already weekend. You definitely want to look relaxed and comfy when it comes to the end of the workdays. Today’s look is exactly what I would call weekend outfit. Boyfriend jeans, loose shirt and oxford shoes is a definition of the weekend outfit.

Fashionistas with a free spirit don’t have color restriction so do I. Today I’m wearing dark blue and purple tartan shirt, which I tucked into my boyfriend jeans, toped with turquoise coat and finished with beautiful detail as a green clutch. This look expressing me, this is who I am! Street style addicted.

Here comes the shocking detail about this look, are you ready? The tartan shirt was picked from men’s section at the Grandezza store. Grandezza gives a wide range of men and women’s clothes. Visit the store and you’ll be surprised to see variety of choices for any taste.

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On December 26th in Baku will be held fashion show organized by HADIJE MARKA where 10 most famous Turkish designers will introduce their clothes exclusively to fashion lovers. This event will give the start to the series of demonstration aimed to promote Turkey as a high fashion and designer’s country with the introduction of Turkish handcraft to the world. The world’s famous and important designers such as Dilek Hanif, Gamze Saraçoğlu, Özgür Masur, Özlem Süer, Raisa&Vanessa, Serli Keçioğlu, Tuvana Büyükçınar, Yıldırım Mayruk, Zeynep Erdoğan və Zeynep Tosun will be introducing their clothes on the stage in Baku. Famous Turkish models will be invited to the show to demonstrate designer’s collection. Main model will be Azerbaijani model and actress Gunay Musayeva. Recently awarded as Turkey and Baku Cultural Ambassador Gunay Musayeva will be demonstrating special collection to the fashion lovers of Baku. Among casual and evening Haute Couture dresses there will be demonstrated handcrafted art pieces, jewelries, bags and accessories to the fashion lovers of Baku. Each designer clothes exclusively designed for Baku was made out of silk, chiffon, organza and most trendy colors of the year. Among the guests at the show organized by HADIJE MARK will be popular political and fashion people. Creative director of the show is Hakan Ozturk, and the project manager is Hatice Aydeniz. Murad Dadashev will host the event that took two months for all preparations. There will be 10 designers and 75 clothes to demonstrate. Among 150 team members will be representative of Turkish media and well-known celebrities. I will also be among them. Make sure to be there, because it’ll be fun! Dekabırın 26-da Bakıda HADIJE MARKAnın təşkilatçılığı ilə Türkiyənin 10 tanınmış dizaynerlərinin yerli dəbsevərlər üçün xüsusi hazırladığı geyimlərin nümayişi keçiriləcək. Türk dizaynerlərinin əl işlərini dünyada tanıtmaq və Türkiyəni yaxın coğrafiyada yüksək dəb və dizayn ölkəsi kimi təqdim etmək məqsədi ilə təşkil olunacaq tədbirlər silsiləsinin, ilk nümayişi Bakıda təşkil olunacaq. Defiledə dünyaca məşhur və önəmli modelyerlər Dilek Hanif, Gamze Saraçoğlu, Özgür Masur, Özlem Süer, Raisa&Vanessa, Serli Keçioğlu, Tuvana Büyükçınar, Yıldırım Mayruk, Zeynep Erdoğan və Zeynep Tosunun geyimləri nümayiş olunacaq. Bakının qonağı olacaq dizaynerlərin kolleksiyasını Türkiyənin tanınmış modelləri sərgiləyəcək. Defiledə baş manikenlik həmyerlimiz model və aktrisa Günay Musayevaya həvalə olunub. Bu yaxınlarda Türkiyə Azərbaycan arasında mədəniyyət elçisi mükafatına layiq görülən Günay Bakılı dəbsevərlərin qarşısına  xüsusi kolleksiyalardan olan geyimlərlə çıxacaq.  Əsasən Haute Couture, gündəlik və ziyafət geyimlərinin üstünlük təşkil edəcəyi kolleksiyalarla yanaşı, türk əl işləri sənət nümunələri, ziynət əşyaları, çanta və aksesuarları da azərbaycanlı dəbsevərlərə təqdim ediləcək. Hər bir modelyerin Bakılılar üçün xüsusi hazırladığı geyimlərdə ipək, şifon, organza kimi parçalardan və bu ilin trend rəng çalarlarından istifadə olunub.

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integrity repairing hair


In my past posts I have shared with you Milk Shake products. Bath salt, shampoo, sprays and etc.. Today, I’d like to share with you two most recommended products, hair shampoo and hair mask in ampullas. This entrée is sort of presentation, I am going to try them today and later on will share my review and thoughts on its effect on my hair. This particular shampoo and hair mask is designed for dry, weak and dyed hair. After you’d wash your hair with this shampoo apply ampulla’s product on dump hair and leave it there for 5-10 minutes. After particular amount of time rinse your hair as usual. Obviously you’d see more results if you’d frequently use this hair mask. You can also pour 1-2 ampullas into shampoo bottle and use it as that. Organic oil Murmuru gives the hair shine and softness. So be ready my dear ladies, you’ll get my first review on this items in a couple of weeks.

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Photo – Zaur Najafbayov

I haven’t feel this well for a long time. See how your outfit and colors can influence your mood. But today’s topic is on different subject. As I promised last time I’m demonstrating that you don’t necessary have to get luxury brands to get the luxury look. To achieve today’s look Grandezza was a huge help. Let’s compare prices and see the results.

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My December had a great start. I finally reunited with my friend, social activist, and founder of Every Azeri blog Gunel Musavi who’s currently visiting Baku from USA. For this occasion I organized a warm get together lunch with my friends Nargiz & blogger Zaur Necefbeyov in a beautiful Turkish restaurant. We all were excited to see each other. You know when you’re in a good company when you don’t want to leave it. It was super duper day! The lunch was delicious and full of everything. We told each other stories from personal life and business world. We laughed, we ate and discussed some future mutual projects. Afterwards Zaur took some cool shots for the blog. And today I’d like to share my outfit of that day which was simple yet elegant. When you’re getting ready to meet someone precious you want to look your best. So I did. Hope you’ll like it. Also get to see Zaur, Gunel and Nargiz’s outfits here on my blog. Let’s dig into pictures!

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Shirt – S.Oliver

Cardigan – Essentiel

Jeans- 7 For All Mankind

Over the knee boots – Stuart Weitzman

Hat – French Connection

And my mini baby bag – Longchamp (mine)
All items available at Grandezza  

I’m glad to shop in Grandezza especially when the winter just stepped in. Warm environment, beautiful sales women with the smiling faces and hot tea in a small cafeteria at the store make me a satisfied costumer. Of course it’s not the only reason why I enjoy doing my shopping here. Entire store still runs the Sale on all items. I will soon post new entrée on luxury items, which you can get with affordable price only in Grandezza. As for now let’s get details about my today’s look. This winter bulky knit jackets and high boots would be must have in your wardrobe. Once you have these two items it’ll be easy to create the whole sets. I’d like specifically to mention my jeans. Finally “7 For All Mankind” brand is in the city. Those who prefer high quality jeans pretty familiar with this particular brand. I used to purchase them online over and over. And today I’m extremely happy to shop for them here in Baku especially with an original price. Grandezza is a wonderful place for the customers who has a good taste and opt for multibrands.

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Finally Topshop has opened its first store in Baku!

British brand Topshop is one of the important brands that guides to the street fashion since 1964. Topshop has launched the Unique designer collection in 2005 which is the only High Street brand in London Fashion Week.

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Wool Top – Ted Baker

Skirt – Plein Sud

Boots – Schutz

Bag – M2Malletier

Sunglasses – Face a Face

From head to toe GRANDEZZA 

During cold winter days most of the people tend to wear dark colors especially here in Azerbaijan. It’s obviously that dark colors drags your mood down, I’m sure you would agree with me on this one. Why not wearing bright colors to elevate our mood? Let’s take a look at Grandezza store, it offers variety of bright clothes for winter as well as affordable prices storewide. Isn’t it wonderful? I guarantee that you will leave the store in a great mood! My today’s look is comfortable, bright, warm, wearable and versatile. This look is appropriate for romantic dinner as well as business lunch. It resembles designer, street-style star and one of the faces of Russia’s fashion revolution Ulyana Sergeenko’s style. The only thing that is different is my handbag. I’m extremely happy to find M2Malletier in Grandezza, which is the only store in the city that carries this brand. If you are planning to get any of M2Malletier purses or get most of the loved brands Grandezza would be the store you need.

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