BEACH STYLE. Exclusive post – Man Fashion blogger Zaur Najafbayof for Caspian Vogue….

Shorts – Zadig et Voltaire

Shirt – Zadig et Voltaire

Moccasins – NEXT

Hat – He accessories

Bracelet – Captain Silver

Watches – TISSOT

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Men fashion blogger – Zaur Najafbayov

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Photo – Elnur Hasanov
Short – Tara Jarmon

Vest  - Zara

Heels – River Island
Bag – Dior

My frequent readers should already know that I always put comfort first when it comes to choose the outfit. So today’s outfit is another prove that you can look stunning and feel cozy all at the same time. Some women avoid wearing high heels with shorts and I suspect that the reason might be the fear to look vulgarly. Nevertheless, how gaudy you will look depends on the style and overall look. Try no to wear shirt with low neckline such as decollate and depending on the occasion avoid to much make up to dim the look. In my opinion today’s style is one of the comfortable summer outfits.

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Photo – Elnur Hasanov

Dress – Tara Jarmon

Shoes – Elisabetta Franchi

Bag – Dior

Watch – Swatch

Ring – Agatha  Paris

Even though these days the weather is absolutely hot, enormously strong wind does not leave a chance to wear a skirt. This is the true reason why I was wearing trousers for the past two posts. However regardless the strong wind I decided to wear one of my favorite dresses no matter what. I realized that the heavy texture of the dress might protect it from blowing out by the wind. It felt very comfy today. I love stipes and speaking frankly they are in trend already long time. Today I want to demonstrate the lady like dress to all of you.

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